Beach Wedding Dresses – Beautiful and Cool Designs

If you are planning to have a summer or beachside wedding, you’ll want to ensure you pick the perfect wedding dress. The dress you choose needs to take the climate in mind, and if you are going to be married at the beach, you need to consider the environment as well. You definitely want to look beautiful while staying cool. Here are a few tips and ideas that can help you choose the perfect dress for your special day.

Choose a Cool Fabric

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you choose a cool fabric for your summer or beach wedding dress. You want a fabric that is lightweight and airy. This way you won’t be sweating and overcome with the heat on your wedding day. Cool materials are beautiful and perfect for a dress for summer include organza, chiffon, cotton eyelet, voile, cotton organdy, georgette, and even crepe. Sometimes a nice combination of a couple of these fabrics will allow for a perfectly beautiful, yet cool, dress to wear on your wedding day.

Beautiful Summery Styles

There are a number of beautiful summer styles that you can choose from. Of course, when you are planning to get married outdoors on a beach or at another outdoor venue, there are some specific considerations to remember. There may be some wind, so you have to think about what a breeze will do to the dress. Often these outdoor weddings are more casual, and if you’re at the beach, you have to think about sand too.

One style that is perfect for a beach wedding is a tea length wedding dress. This will be cooler than a floor length dress and you don’t have to worry about soiling the dress with the hem dragging in the sand. Another option for a shorter dress is to go with one that has an asymmetrical hem on it. This can make it look a bit longer while making sure the hem isn’t on the ground.

Strapless gowns are a great option, especially if you want to show off that tan at your beach wedding. Spaghetti straps or bandeau sleeves will help to keep you cool as well. A simple sheath or column style dress is simple while still providing you with a look of elegance.

Adding a Bit of Color

If your wedding will not be a traditional one, you may want to consider adding a bit of color to your wedding dress. Adding a hint of color in the ribbon or lace is a beautiful idea. Pastel colors look beautiful. You may even want to abandon white altogether for a beach wedding, going for a tropical print or a beautiful bikini and sarong for an informal and sexy look.

You don’t have to wear a traditional wedding dress with a long train and suffocating materials. When you are getting married in the summer, there are plenty of wedding dress options that look beautiful while keeping you cool. Keep these ideas in mind and make a choice that will go along with the style of wedding you are planning.